How To Create Best Passive Income Streams Online 5 Proven Steps

“How To Create Best Passive Income Streams Online”, depends on many specific factors. In student life, every student has a future dream but their parents force to kill their dream mentally. Their parents want that their sons will be engineer, doctor, teacher etc. But most of their parents don’t understand their sons dream.

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In my concept, I am hundred percent sure that common dream of those students is freedom working. There will no bossing, no threat and no office time in their activities. Is it possible to lead a life without office binding rules? Yes of course there are 5 Steps about How To Create Best Passive Income Streams Online, to establish your future proudly.

I know your question is: Point A: how to create best passive income streams ideas Point B: what are the earning processes I am thinking? Best ways to generate passive income are given below :

Two types of earning process

  1. Active income: You have to active directly in doing official job.
  2. Passive income: You don’t have to active directly and income is running if you are in a toilet

Now you want to know the best method of passive income.  The answer is Website Flipping.

What Is Website Flipping? (Step 1) 

Buy a domain and hosting in a popular market place, develop your site and finally sell it to others with a great value. This value may be 1 lack dolor.

Before buying a domain you have to know what it is. Domain is a name of your site such as

Here, I am telling step by step guidelines to reach your goal.

At first select a nice domain name by following below criteria’s

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Brandable Domain Name

Keep your domain name minimum ten letters. For example six letters are included in


Amazon = domain name (six letters)

.com = extension

.com .org .net .us extensions are better for high ranking domain. Basically .com extension is better from all extensions. The selection of your domain name should not match exact two keywords. When you search the keyword   “computer market” in google search engine, you will see lots of websites are matching your searching keyword. In the picture you can see a website matches the exact search keyword. This domain name of the site is not brandable.

Brandable Domain Name Should Include

  • Select domain name that was not others
  • Domain name must not includes any number or hyphen, such as or
  • Keep domain name below eight letters
  • Keep one word name in your domain. Example:
  • Use suffix (fy, ly, iod, vivo etc.) at the end of your selected name. example:
  • If you have no idea, use brandable domain name generator in online.
  • Make type and remember easy

Expired Domain               

A domain that was registered by a website owner and after year passing he didn’t register this domain for some reasons then this domain remains unregister. Finally we can say this domain is expired. As a new buyer you should not choose expired domain. So there is one question in your mind that is the selection of expired domain (how to choose). You can do this through this website ( Experienced flippers buy expired domain occasionally and they will consider below information:

  • Domain authority(DA) must high(15+)
  • High age  domain gets better priority
  • High trust flow value
  • Domain link and page rank

What can i sell to make money ? You can also sell domain name without website.

Quality of Web Hosting Service (Step 2)

After selecting domain, you need to purchase better hosting service from dependable hosting company such as host gator, in motion, blue host, and marketplaces. Before choosing hosting package, you should alert below points:

  • Select unlimited bandwidth and disk space
  • How fast SSD(solid state drives) and reliable hard drive(mechanical) in hosting facilities
  • Have money back guarantee

Install WordPress, Set Up Theme and Plugins

WordPress is a website content or article management system (CMS) for better SEO(search engine optimization). This system is preferable in google search ranking. After wordpress installation, you need to set up SEO optimize theme. For looking better, professional theme is important. You should not use free version. Purchase it on a popular market place.

You should use theses plugins:

  • Akismet
  • Yoast SEO
  • Contact form
  • Jetpack
  • Easyazon
  • WordPress back up
  • Link manager
  • Content builder

Content Writing (Step 3)

Unique content is important to get High traffic from google search engine. Google prefers those sites whose have high quality contents with unique pictures. Most of website owners don’t know one secret matter that I will tell you. If traffic goes any website from search engine, google gives that website high rank. If traffic enter a website by different ads programs (facebook, twitter etc),Google doesn’t give that site high rank.

Types of Unique Content

  1. Create blog sites
  2. Make niche sites

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Create blog site

Any owner of a site shares his thought, experience and tips for other readers. This site can make money by showing ads from ads programs. Best ads program is Google adsense. To get this program approval you need to write unique article for posting your site. The writing you write doesn’t match other website’s writing, is called unique article. The length of your article must consider 1500 words plus. As a result google give you preference for large article. Write at least thirty articles in six months to get Google adsense approval.

Make Niche Sites

Niche site is one of latest online money making opportunities where specific subject (Minimal Viable Product) is discussed with different reviews. There are different ways for making niche sites. Affiliate marketing is the best condition for establishing niche site. You can start Amazon affiliate marketing which is my suggestion. Affiliate marketing is a process by which you can get commission by selling others products easily.

Why Choose Amazon Affiliate Marketing

When you promote one product to your site then customer go to Amazon site through your product link.  If a customer buys any product from millions of products by going Amazon site, you can also get commission spontaneously. This is a fair way from other legit ways to make money online spontaneously. You will not get this type of facility from other affiliate marketing. High conversion rate of Amazon affiliate marketing is double according to the survey of hubspot. Besides, people believe this site without any confusion.



You get 100 visitors to a specific product = 2 customers buy other popular site (low conversion rate)

You get 100 visitors to a specific product = 4-5 customers buy from Amazon site (high conversion rate)

Average conversion rate (5-7%) in Amazon where almost 1% conversion rate from others.

Product Keyword Research (Step 4)

When you choose a specific product, you need to research what type of keywords (selected product) people search on google.  You can use google keyword planner tools to find perfect keywords of your product.

Compulsory Pages Set Up

Four pages have to set to your site according to the rules of this marketing.

  1. about page
  2. Contact page
  3. Privacy policy page
  4. Affiliate disclosure page

Write Unique Product Content

My question is: why do people visit your site?

By creating high value content (article), you can attract customer to your site. You can get up to 10000 visitors a day by publishing bigger content (1500 words plus). At least 32-50 contents are required to establish a niche site. I personally hire English writer. The positive feature is that there linked thousand of talented writers. For bothering writing, I hire one of them from that media 🙂

Add product reviews with guidelines in any content.

Marketing Through Social Media (Step 5)

Facebook, pinterest, twitter, dig, google+, youtube, reddit, delicious, stumble upon, Slashdot etc are the social media sites where you need to share your article for increasing visitors. N0te#:) get traffic free

Campaign Link Building

  1. Submit articles to other popular sites with your site’s link
  2. Post on forum with your hyper link (the link of your site)
  3. Build your link by you tube video marketing
  4. Comment on other high ranking post with your link

Your Main Goal

If you don’t have sufficient time for your website building, you can hire website developer for lay out design, SEO specialist for higher google ranking, quality content writer for posting your article from freelance marketplace. After developing your niche site by following above 5 steps, you can submit your site for getting affiliate link from Amazon marketplace. Earning system will be start after affiliate link approval.  You can estimate this system as a way from all real ways to make money online for better performance.

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Now selling your site to others is the main goal for large profit because you can sell more than twenty times profit. Let me specify below,


1 month your website income $1000 = you can at least sell your site at $1000*30=$30000


1 month your site earns $2000 = you may at least sell it at $2000*30=$60000

I know one question is growing in your mind that is ‘’ why do I sell my site to others where it already incomes $1000-2000 per month”.

The answer is: if you build 10 sites, you can’t maintain all of them every day.  Few months later, the rank of all of your websites may decrease. Then your affiliate earning may be hampered. So the best way is: grow one site perfectly and sell it quickly to others. After selling your first site then concentrate to other site for huge profit. This is a tricky way that I have found from professional entrepreneur. You can sell your site in popular marketplace like flippa marketplace.

So don’t waste your time. Start your first step from now for developing your struggle life. If you feel any question then asks without hesitation in the comment box. Remember if you ruin your valuable time then never back it again. Take an intellectual decision for repairing your path.

Wikipedia source: passive income


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