How to Get Traffic to Your Website For Free Search Engine Optimization Techniques Tutorial Revealed

“How to get traffic to your website for free” is the first question to all bloggers for passive income. You have a website with lots of articles but there is no traffic in it. You had a dream to earn money with a website.

how to get traffic to your website

This dream already goes to death zone because the rank of your site is decreasing day by day. This is the reason why your mood isn’t good. You can’t find what is the problem of your site? You bought high quality domain. You also bought strong hosting service with unlimited bandwidth but your site doesn’t perform well.

According to my research, I have some ideas to recover your sick website with findings about “how to write a great/good blog post”. The reason is the contents that you have posted in your site. Google found your site as a bad site because the contents/articles of your website are not unique. So search engine optimization techniques are given in a easy way.

What Is Unique and Common Content?

Unique content is the article that is not found to others website in the world. Even the sequence of your writing must be different from others writing. You can’t copy paste any sentence or any idea from others site. Google search engine prefers unique content spontaneously.

Common content is the writing that is common or same to others ideas but this common content have to unique. Google prefers unique ideas to common ideas. Example of common content is:

When you search in google search engine about the topic “how to write a blog” then you can find different websites include that topic. Here all websites include these same type articles are unique but they are common topics that are preferred by google ranking factor.

So write the unique ideas that don’t match to others ideas. Remove all plagiarized articles from your site.

What Is Plagiarized Content?

Actually the article that is stolen from other website called plagiarized post. Even one sentence matches from others web can be plagiarized. To remove duplicate content you need to write your own hand.

Types of content

  1. Blog post
  2. Product review post
  3. Resource content
  4. Viral post

Make your content for the term “how to get traffic to your website” by following below guidelines

  • Use easy word
  • Write small sentences
  • Write article easily so that five years boy can understand it
  • Use better technique for readability
  • Collect unique image for your article post
  • Add your personal story for readers attraction
  • Give article related accurate example, data and statistics
  • People want to read success stories so add this spontaneously

Avoid Grammar Mistakes

When you write article make sure your content must free from wrong spelling with grammar mistakes. You can use below tools for checking grammar mistakes of your article

  • Gramarly (free version)
  • Ginger (free version)
  • WhiteSmoke (paid version)

Unique Article Collection

Step 1: write your own idea for posting your site.

Step 2: manage article from professional writer.

If you don’t have enough time you can contact iwriter from freelancer marketplace. They provide you quality article at a cheap price.

Use Long Tail Keyword

It is a word phrase that people type in Google search engine for finding specific information. For example, if you type the phrase “how to get traffic to your website” in search engine then this phrase is called long tail keyword. Use best search keyword on your article.  Following below tools you can find high searchable keywords.

  • Google adword keyword planner
  • SEMrush
  • com
  • io

Always use low competition keywords with huge Google search volume. If you can’t find low competition long tail keyword then use high competition keywords. In that case the size of your content must be bigger (1500 words plus per article).

Add Value On Your Site

  1. Spend time on comment section: You must answer readers question in comment box. You need to give suggestion to readers personally.
  2. Forum conversation: Spend your time on a regular basis in popular forum with your website link. As a result lots of forum traffic will visit your site for searching their answer.
  3. Traffic analysis per article: Regularly you have to check the low visitor article. Find the perfect reasons and update that article again for high visitor.

There are many reasons for low visitors of your article. So you must follow below guidelines:

  1. Content size must be higher
  2. Able to optimized proper SEO(search engine optimization)
  3. Capable to use long tail keyword spontaneously. Keyword density must not high.
  4. Must have social share, like etc (Example: facebook, twitter and others)
  5. Should have the attraction in the title of article.
  6. Perfect keyword should use in the title menu of your writing
  7. The keyword you will use must have high search volume
  8. It is better to use long tail keyword in title menu your written article

Two Suggestions For Article Ranking

  1. Spam site linking: You should not link your site to other sites that included spam related activities. Though some spam sites are popular, you should not link your article link to those sites. Google doesn’t like the website that links to spammy websites. Even Google remove your post from index site. For this reason you can’t get organic traffic (the traffic that comes from search engine) to your site.
  2. Inadequate advertisement: Always readers like fresh blog site with suggestion. They don’t like huge advertise those you have placed to your blog page. Their confusion is growing up when they see lots of advertises in your page. That is why visitors get bother. They decide to leave this page immediately without reading. This is a bad sign for Google ranking.

So please remember all of above information those I have given to you for generating high quality content that Google always like. If you have any question then writes in comment section. Best of luck!

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