About Me

Hi, my name is Md. Mazharul Islam. I have recently completed B.Sc. Engineering (Industrial and Production Engineering) from a well known (public) university. I started job in reputed company. Suddenly I know a special way from internet. The way is passive income. At first I had confusion about it. After researching on internet I finally interested in it. I have found many passive income processes and blogging is one of them.

My Story:

In student life, I had a curious about online earning. After entering college life I collected few documents about online earning system. I didn’t believe in this system but I have a passion to know how can others people earn from internet. Only this thinking has changed my overall plan that I have thought.

In university life, I have struggled myself because there was no spending time on internet sufficiently. The reason: I was busying in studying my engineering subjects. At a time I noticed a passion of college life (online earning) have been knocking to my mind spontaneously. Then I decided to continue my research about online earning process.

Some of my friends said that this earning process was not real. On the opposite site some other friends said that there were real earning process that I must find through study. So I went to computer market place and bought some online earning CD for study. Those CD were about ‘’How to earn money as a freelancer”.

I worked on odesk and freelancer.com for testing myself. I also tested my money that I earned from freelancer.com and Ebay.com, is real or not. For this reason, I applied for a MasterCard from payoneer.com. After two months later I got my MasterCard. Then I decided to go to ATM booth for withdrawing my money that I have earned from Ebay.com and freelancer.com. My heart was filled with joy when I became successful to withdraw money by MasterCard. That day was my memorable day. A belief (real online earning) was set to my mind. I thought there were actually real earning ways that I have to find out for growing my future.

After completing my B.S.C Engineering I got a job and joined a company. The day was going on …

Suddenly I got a serious problem in my online activities. I couldn’t complete buyer’s project that I found from freelancer marketplace due to short time. In the day time I worked that company and at night I had no extra time to complete that buyer’s project. So I left these project works and interested in passive income process. Blogging and affiliate marketing are the best ways to income passively.

Now I am continuing to share information that I have found from my online research.

Best of luck.